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bulerías [Oil]

bulerías, such as Jerez, It is a picture that represents the hubbub, the friends, party and flamenco.

This painting was born at a meeting of friends in my yard, outdoor light summer colors. gestation, from the softest strokes, It has not been subjected to the extent. A guitar, wines and art of the group were the instigators of this stain that gradually took shape.

Neighborhood [ Oil ]

“Neighborhood” is a diptych that connects the light and colors of dawn to sunset, when the first bulbs look out the windows of our neighborhoods.

An oil painting of child accent reminiscent of our first attempts to shape the environment on paper.

Homer [Oil]

The motivating look a dog in the countryside is the inspiration for one of nis favorite oils.

Homer is left to paint while watching closely the movements of the impressionist brush in this work that has earned a space on my wall (few of my paintings come to this end resolvent)

Pastel colors that reflect his goodness, with a background that contrasts intensified its silhouette, all with thick strokes that make her locks in a table by the tight impulsive pose.

City [Oil]


In one corner I have this oil painting, inspired by a modern city under construction, of bright colors red and blue showing a fantastic image evolving.

Building straight losing its status to the delight of architects and site visitors.

Cranes dominate the skies weaving steel structures, standing out among elderly dwarfs buildings that seem.


In the collective painting exhibition held in Madrid I saw a drawing made with cake, qualified “Hats (Interpretation C. Brave)” and performed by Inés Torres; a picture of great beauty that you can see in the exhibition catalog .

Abstract Oak: Sequence [Oil]

Some days ago, a partner who works Trompe (see Stein and pears) I wondered while having a coffee: How do you think when you paint one of your paintings (Abstract)? That question led me to a deep reflection and, accordingly, did this little article that guides one of the works I've done. Not all… (leer más)

Triana bridge [Oil]

A personal interpreación the “Triana Bridge” and “Calle Betis” Seville.

An abstract view, Minimalist, impressionistic strokes that highlights the night lighting on the most salient traits of this engineering sample that connects the neighborhood “Arenal” with that of “Triana”.

Broken [Oil]

A sequence of performing an oil painting, where we see the three main steps of its realization, with a particular technique:


Oils and Pastel: Jesus Maria Casati Calzada. Exhibition in Madrid

Extremadura crib, Madrid adoption. Our colleague María Calzada Casati Jesus gives us his art for a few days at their next painting exhibition which opens this 6 May in Madrid. Civil engineer and professor of the noble art of geometry, Maria Jesus shares the pleasure of painting as a… (leer más)