Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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sombreros_thumbOn collective painting exhibition held in Madrid I saw a drawing with pastel, qualified “Hats (Interpretation C. Brave)” and conducted by Inés Torres; a picture of great beauty that you can see in the catalog exposure .

As a result I found the painter Claudio Bravo and their works based on everyday items. Unique lifes made with great skill, noted for its simplicity and implementation. The work of this painter, you can visit the web de Claudio Bravo, an extensive collection of his work and information about his artistic life.

Claudio Bravo Camus, (Valparaiso, 8 November 1936 – † Taroudant, Morocco, 4 June 20111 ) was a hyper Chilean painter who lived and worked in Tangier, Morocco from 1972 until the day of his death. (W)

I have decided to play in drawing oil Inés, showing a sequence below describes the preparation thereof. A copy exercise with my own interpretation of color.

A first approach was made with a simple drawing on the canvas, distribute space and fit approximate forms.

The color red is the first that has entered the scene, to define shapes and shadows begin to darken.

Yellow begins to shed some light, getting mixed with orange to red, looking colors closest to the desired result in the hat round.


While ocher incorporated, be defining the background to approximate the feeling of stage light.

The full spectrum of basic blue colors, allowing to obtain the green and violet, basis for the remaining objects and their shadows.


The profit or loss is a picture that conveys rest, while some used stronger colors than the original, a struggle between the smoothness of the original pastel seeking realism and my impressionistic style with oil.

sombrerosThis exercise is out of my usual style, with abstract impressionist realization. A more approximate version of this concept is reflected in this other painting done then:

That has finally been: