Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Optical illusion based on comparison with the environment

AgrupaciónPerceiving is the process we made when decode visual information we receive and understand.

Errors that occur in this process result in different types of optical illusions, we can classify the group into types based on it proceso Gestalt to intervene in analysis of stimuli.

When we observe the image formed by the colored circles make some processes “group” both by the shape and size of the elements as its color. In this case identify the central circle and the entire circle around it as two different sets.

Furthermore the process of aggregation performed another of “comparison” in which we analyze how, size and color. Blue circles with smaller perceive the red center circle.

ComparaciónIf we add a new set keeping the shape and color, but reversing the relative size of the outer circles (Blue) Interior regarding (red) to maintain its original size, have the feeling that the center circle has gotten smaller.

The comparison of the center circle with those around us to perceive its size larger or smaller than it really is. Large objects environment causes the item is perceived smaller surrounded, while a small elements environment causes the central element appear larger.

The optical illusion is clearly seen if we put the same image in the two sets of objects.

Círculos idénticos

The two central circles (red) are of equal size


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