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Graphic PIZiadas

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Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (II) : Glass balls [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]

cristal_navidad_150A simple wallpaper for use in the upcoming Christmas season and decorate your computer.

In this case the image shows a carved glass spheres conjuntode with reflective properties and transparency.

A composition modeled and rendered with animation software Blender. (See Christmas Tinsel)


The fields were generated with the primitive “icosphere” to which was added a modifier “Command” bevelled surfaces allowing.

For the surface we used a value factor of subdivision “3”, so that the triangular faces that comprise not excessive for subsequent rendering.

The modifier is then applied, and after selecting some faces, Extrusions were made small value to generate the relief effect.


The result of the extrusion is an area that appears to be carved. After creating multiple copies, are assigned a material with a high degree of transparency, a small mirror and three colored lights complete the scene.

To select the faces to extrude has opted for a multiple selection based on the similarity of areas. For this, select one face and we will press “Shift G“. A new pop-up menu will offer the possibility to choose the type of similarity we want.

Then extrude the faces of the icosphere, from the menu select

Mesh->Extrude individual



Only fail us apply a material with the desired properties:


The image is in 1280×1024. To see it in that format click the mouse on the image below


Cut glass Christmas

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