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Graphic PIZiadas

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Geometría y naturaleza

Desde la formación de las estructuras minerales hasta los diseños biológicos más complejos, la geometría de las formas marca los patrones elementales de estos diseños.
Buscar modelos naturales para su reproducción en sociedades civilizadas ha sido una constante que ha impulsado nuestro desarrollo como sociedad tecnificada.

En Passant : A musical made with Blender

A musical, made with Blender, is the latest jewel in the animations made with free software.

Above 40 artists have worked for about two years in this exciting production that shows the ability of this suite of modeling and animation software, incorporating editing and post-production tools.
Chris Burton read together with Z. Raphaely us vibrate with this delicious fruit art work of its creators.

Salvador Dali y Walt Disney – Destino

“In 1945, two legendary artists began collaborating on an animated short. Over half a century later, its creation has finally been completed”.
These words serve as a preamble to the video that was released by The Walt Disney Company in 2003, result of an initiative unfinished at the time of two geniuses contemporary: Salvador Dalí y Walt Disney. In this wonderful work of surrealist animation also worked Armando Dominguez, Mexican composer, Dora Luz and interpreter.

Assassin’s Craft III : Machinima – Minecraft

A new video of Minecraft style Machinina made with Blender rendering engine. A mixture of styles and explosive techniques have resulted in this interesting work.

Movements plasticity collide with the rigid model, in which levels of expression were achieved elusive.

Definitely a great job that continues to develop until very high levels of aesthetic feeling “Minecraft”

El Salto, Felix Wormgartner [ School ][ Blender ]

The work of Blender course this year are breaking all records of … ¿High?

We have seen the flight of the Saturn V and now …

Hoy quiero share todos con otro de los mejores trabajos, realizado by a team of four trans alumnos 7 classes of animation with Blender and two or three otras rendering imágenes.

Caminandes [Video][Animation][ Blender ]

Caminandes is a small animated short made by Pablo Vazquez, Beorn Leonard, Francesco Siddi y in January Morgenstern.

Comically tells of the adventures of a flame to cross a road in southern Patagonia.

With Caminandes the authors have tried to prove the feasibility of creating a complete animated short story, in his spare time.

The Sandpit [ Timelapse ]

Not infrequently do Web searches with the term “Time-lapse” or some variant.

I like to see the phenomena of nature with different time scales. You can see events or patterns of behavior that are always amazed at the unexpected, by offshoring that produce. A sea of ​​clouds behaving like a tide, a vegetable moving like a reptile …

Saturn V [ School ][ Blender ]

This course students have been especially motivated Blender. It has been noticed in the environment and the interest shown in their work.

Today I want to share one of the best jobs, performed by a single student after 7 classes with Blender animation.

Schwenzer Max is a German student exchange between universities that I was struck by their dedication and ability to work. Its production is a sample of almost all of the concepts that have been developed in this short course and their personal ability to assimilate.

Cronopios and Famas

Juan Pablo Bouza presents a video composed of 10 short stories made with free software “Open Source Software” both animation as in the treatment and final editing audio. Two years of work with a team of 5-7 people have resulted in this adaptation of a literary classic.

An animated feature film made about the stories of Julio Cortázar

Lifted – Pixar [ Video ] [ Animation ]


The Pixar animated shorts combine an impeccable technique with funny scripts where cute characters allow us to enjoy situations, in some cases, rather paradoxical. Lifted presents an alien “rookie” that is certified to abduct humans. Unos simples controles en manos inexpertas pueden crear situaciones… (leer más)

Kara Quantic Dream [ Video ]


Quantic Dream is a Studio specialized in motion capture (Motion capture), técnica usada para dotar de movimientos naturales a personajes creados con técnicas de modelado por ordenador.

La animación básica basada en “Key frames” permitia agilizar el proceso de animación, en contraposición de las técnicas “pose a pose” en las que se debe crear cada paso de animación o las basadas en rotoscopia, precursoras de las técnicas de captura digital (al menos conceptualmente).