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Salvador Dali y Walt Disney – Destino

destination“In 1945, two legendary artists began collaborating on an animated short. Over half a century later, its creation has finally been completed”.

These words serve as a preamble to the video that was released by The Walt Disney Company in 2003, result of an initiative unfinished at the time of two geniuses contemporary: Salvador Dalí y Walt Disney.

In this wonderful work of surrealist animation also worked Armando Dominguez, Mexican composer, Dora Luz and interpreter. What started as a classic work of animation, frame by frame, has ended up being a perfect integration between the latest 3D techniques and original drawing by the author.

Despite having worked in the short 8 months (during 1945 / 1946), production ended, leaving the film unfinished, because of the financial straits in which the animation studio after the Second World War was.

It was not until 1999, when the nephew of Walt Disney, Roy E. Disney, discovered the project again — while working on Fantasia 2000 — and decided to revive. A team of 25 leaders undertook to decipher the storyboards produced by Dali and John Hench (Disney artist) to complete production.

The film, then a mixture of animations made by Hench (who produced 17 seconds in the 40s) , mixed with traditional animation, and computer-generated scenes.

A whole piece of animation, historical, that deserves to be seen.

Destination was released 2 June 2003 at the International Festival of Animated Film in Annecy Annecy, Francia. The six-minute short follows the love story between Cronos and unfortunate love for a mortal woman. The story continues as the female dances moves through a surreal landscape inspired by the paintings of Dali. No dialogue, but the soundtrack includes a song by Mexican composer Armando Dominguez…..(W)

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