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Graphic PIZiadas

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Lattice effect animation


A latex, one Blender, is a tool used to model objects using deformations. Edit the object is adapted to the grid or lattice forming the grid.

Associate an object to this utility so that if we change the shape of the lattice, it will act on the object.

The advantage of using a lattice is to modify a lower number of points, that act on a more detailed mesh.

3D Animation, Modeling: Building with Lattice [Blogs experimental] [ Blender ]

To model an object you can use different editing techniques. Let's build a building that can serve a simple animation, using familiar tools. As always, try to rely on a few concepts to simplify the process. Estructura del Edificio Partiremos de un objeto “Cube” Model based. This object (the cube)… (leer más)

What is a Lattice animation?

A “Lattice” a volume control is used in animation image synthesis can be used to controllably deform or complex surface geometry; si eliminamos el lattice la geometría vuelve a su forma original. A Lattice is essentially a simple container that can be used to deform and manipulate a more complex… (leer más)