Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Always has mistreated the Drawing.

If any area of ​​knowledge has been abused in contemporary education has been to “Graphic Expression“. Usually has taught in courses that have been termed pejoratively as “the marias“; The meaning is associated with its facility to be approved by the students.

Drawing, plastic expression, arts education, etc., are names commonly used to describe these subjects which are nevertheless of great importance in everyday life and in the professional.
Presenting information visually has reached a level of development and specialization should reassert the importance given to this science once.

Geometry, from its central position in the intellectual formation of the Pythagorean school students, has been developed at a depth that allows it to be applied to modern mathematical structures as a tool for realization of thought, providing new avenues of scientific analysis based on constructions, graphs and images.

Drawing has always been taught as a subject for “do”, not for “study”. When students are asked first-year college on what they have studied in the bachelor, is easy to answer as:

“He studied mathematics, physics, chemistry…and I've also done drawing”.

Do not have studied drawing?, Simply have stored a set of constructs that are applied in a pattern. The action verb betrays the sense of the subject: Make a subject, not study a subject!

No basic concept and are given usually just a collection of recipes on how to perform a particular construction: “Pricked with the compass which are cut straight and …”

What sense does learn without knowing what the concept behind? Save for later forget.

The geometry is simple, Thales and Pythagoras, with the simple theorems, possible to develop a set of fascinating mathematical structures. The time spent on memorizing the buildings is lost miserably in the classroom.

Of course that is not the subject in basic education or college class, but the house begins with the foundation, and the time we spend with a square and bevel misused, is difficult to recover.

The basics well internalized allow us to move the rest of our life at speed, assimilating what surrounds us in a much more simple. The real training begins with the base.

I leave a link to educational material that can be worth half as much in teaching a first course in college. It represents the work and experience of many years (?) in which they found a common thread that links the thought simplifies and very efficiently.

It is placed in one of the repositories that have the OpenCourseWare Consortium OCWC, that, as says one of his web (UPM):

…has committed to “share knowledge” promoting teachers who wish “made visible” instructional materials used to teach their subjects, thus offered to other teachers, students or professionals from anywhere in the world a free and open access to knowledge.

Published by Graphic Expressionto Elemental content in formato PPT PowerPoint (Reusable). The simplest is discharge the full course

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