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Graphic PIZiadas

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AstroRobonaut, R2, begins to answer questions on Twitter

astrorobonaut_thumbNASA's robot R2 has a Twitter account:

@ AstroRobonaut.

Yesterday breakfast with the news that Robonaut-2 is ready to 'tweet' from the ISS and now I come across a tweet from NASA tells us that you can ask questions using the tag #4R2

Without much hope to receive reply, and just for participating in the initiative, I have asked, from my account @ Piziadas, on languages ​​that we can answer.

My surprise was to receive an answer within a few minutes:

Those who have seen the birth of the space race and participate professionally in this world we are surprised by a few things and.

Today to see that my question has been answered to the third, My excitement was tremendous.

In total he has devoted 64 tweets to respond to the growing demand that has occurred since the channel is enabled. ¿64? Logical, at last, after working in binary: 2 increased to six!

Thanks @ AstroRobonaut






PD: Actually responds 63 questioning, el número tweet 64 Series is used to leave