Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Digital Illiterate

The illiteracy is the inability of read and To write, that is usually due to the lack of learning. In countries that have a compulsory schooling, illiteracy is a minority. Some people use the adjective of the word, referring only to one of the characteristics of this, being used incorrectly (W)

Illiteracy has many faces; digital culture in which we are immersed has coined new terms such as “digital natives”, and could therefore speak of others as the “digital illiteracy“, that may have originated in the lack of knowledge to use computers or simply in the non-availability of technological means to decode information.

Codes QR that you allow”encapsulate” information in an image are a clear example of this. Do you have media to read them? You can a classic like Don Quixote in this read format? I leave a paragraph of the first chapter… “In a village of la Mancha, whose name I don't remember…..” Can you read it?