Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Introduction to Digital Filters: Flower of Aralia [Imagen][Blender]

Filtering process:

The set of techniques encompassed within the preprocessing of images whose primary objective is to obtain, from a source image, another whose end result is more suitable for a specific application to improve certain characteristics that enable it perform processing operations on it. (W)

Since anyone can create an image, using filters and composition, complex constructs that merge the images and thinking. The artistic work has benefited from new media and techniques in a advance to his own time.

Animation software Blender addition to the functions of creation and rendering of animated objects, contains a complete digital processing environment oriented postproduction. We will see how we can edit images or complete video sequences with this tool, using digital processing techniques without leaving the environment animation software.

Moment, We recreate with a couple of images processed with the node editor that allows, graphically, establish the process of image processing as shown in the diagram used to generate two variants of Azalea Flower.