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Graphic PIZiadas

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Mosaic pictures with step by step photo-Mosaik

gladys-150Come and see step by step how can generar a mosaic based on one photo gallery, with it software “Photo-Mosaic“. Each one of them images will act as a macro pixel to build the final image.

For him hacer una mosaic continue operating sequence that you can sign conceptually reduce the:

  • Generar the database the images used in the mosaic it
  • Elegir la imagen the reason it mosaic
  • Ajustar them parameter Size and resolution
  • Other parameters determined ajuste fine (superposition of the main image, repetition of images ....)
  • Generar and saving la imagen

Veamos how generar a similar mosaic al shown. For Verlo in detail click on the image (Resolution 4266×4284 Size 3,4 Mb).


The application's main menu offers a number of options to complete the mosaic.

Foto-Mosaic_Menu_principalNormally we use two options only, which allows you to manage the database graph, and giving access to define, form and save the mosaic.

If you have used the application and already have a database graph, can go directly to create the mosaic. If there is no database we create a at least, before you can start the other activities.

Image database.


Need a collection of images that will be stored in the form of “database” program. The images may be in common graphic formats.

Each pixel in an image has a color that can be associated with a number. A photograph can also be associated with a number averaging the colors of all the pixels (obtaining its mean).

The program will search the picture that best suits each point of the image using the color information that characterize them and to be found associated with each image in a database. A more complex model can incorporate logic to analyze together the color other aspects like “Main dirercción” picture, its “luminosity” etc..

From the main application window select “Create Database” to start a new, or modify an existing. We will get a new menu for managing the database:


We add new images to a database or generate a new photo from a directory containing.

On a database there can remove images or even the database itself.

Add Database

When you start the program for the first time, do not have a database. We will define an at least to generate mosaics.

The indication of the direction of a directory in which the photographs are to be used to construct the mosaic. Are the parts or “tesserae” which will replace the original image pixels main.

Foto-Mosaic_Menu_bd_agregarThe program will try to read the supplied images and create the database, changing the sizes of the images according to the resolution or quality that is defined in the corresponding control.

The images are not processed properly generate an error message in a popup window.

Edit database

Edit have two main functions, delete an image or delete the entire database. The images will be deleted from the database but not the directory from which you loaded.

Create a mosaic

With Foto-Mosaik applying the process of creating a mosaic is made up of several steps, collected in the corresponding interface tabs.

navegacionNavigation between tabs is performed with two buttons, that allow them forward or backward to adjust the values ​​of the different parameters.

  1. Choose the main image
  2. Choose the database with photographs
  3. Determine the resolution in Size and number of pictures
  4. Determine limits repetition photographs
  5. Melt mosaic with photographs (filter colors)
  6. Generate (calculate) mosaic image


Choose main image

The main image is the reason we use as mosaic. It is the image that we perceive as the sum of the mosaic pictures.

With the button “Open” get a window to select. With the button “Choose” indicate the name of the file to generate mosaic. An input file and an output so you do not have to have the same resolution.

Choose the database with photographs

In the previous steps generate the database. If you have several we can choose, for each tile, which is timely. Will select one of them before moving to the next tab.

Mosaics Options

This tab allows you to define different parameters mosaic, as the number of images to use for mosaic, its format and resolution.


A new tab options to define two important parameters, the number of times an image may be, and “transparency factor” allowing melt pattern on the mosaic image, emphasizing the subject's color.


The free version does not allow to be used to force all images in the database of photographs. This feature is only available in Professional versions.

Generate the mosaic

After the last tab options, generate the mosaic. The navigation icons have changed, giving way to a new button: “Start“. Pressing the button will give way to process the images with the parameters we have defined.

At the end of the calculations are stored the file with the name defined in previous steps. We will have three options at this point: Display the result, terminate the program or return to the beginning to generate new tiles.

cerrarAn additional function is performed remotely mosaic calculation.

The modus operandi is simple; no difficulties applying for use by user cualqier, because the interface is fairly intuitive but somewhat messy from the structural point of view.

Calculation times are small, so it lends itself to use as a tool to support the digital edition.

Credits: Avatar @ Gladyzs