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How to prepare oils with pigments?

¿Cómo podemos hacer óleo con pigmentos?The oil painting is based on a pigments substrate ground (powdered) which are mixed with linseed oil which acts as a binder.

We can buy the oil in tubes or tubs or manufacture ourselves from its basic components that are acquired in specialized drugstores.

How can we make oil with pigments?

The linseed is the seed of the plant The most common thread (linen).(W)

óleo en tubos

oil in tubes

The oil can be purchased in tubes sold that are ready to be used directly.

There are several commercial firms that produce with different qualities

The presentation of the material in these containers is in the form of a thick paste that can be applied directly on the canvas with blades of different sizes or with brushes of various thicknesses and shapes.

Can also be used as an added (to dilute) turpentine.

The turpentine, also called turpentine, is a volatile, colorless liquid produced by distilling the resin the Prime Minister, of the pines. (W)

óleo en pigmentos

Oil pigment

The preparation of oil from pigments and linseed oil is easy, allowing the material reduce costs substantially, and experimenting with blends for color variations.

The first time we mix the different compounds the result may not be perfect, but quickly learn the technique correctly.

Although it is advisable to use quality media like ceramic plates for their preparation, also be made in other disposable type, as explained below.

With a simple “foil” of employees in the kitchen food wrap create a support for the preparation of each of the colors.

We will use a sheet folded in half to give greater robustness.

The bowl-shaped subsequently necessary to add flaxseed oil and get the homogeneous mixture, we can get the fist (hand) leaf wrapping foil around.

öleo en pigmentos sin aceite

pigments in oil without oil

Pigment will deposit the desired amount of silver on paper, depending on the amount of paint you wish to prepare.

The pigments may be of a single color, or we can make a mixture of two or more colors, in which case we obtain new varieties chromatic.

The mixture of the pigments we want to use, for secondary or tertiary colors, can be performed before blending with the oil or it once prepared, although it will be less homogeneous (may be races).

Pigmento de óleo con aceite de linaza

Oil pigment with linseed oil

For mixing with linseed oil we knead it with pigment.

The technique used is similar to cement preparation. Go wrapping continuously mixing slowly.

Distribute the pigment leaving a hole in its center, as “volcano”, and I will fill with flaxseed oil.

Depending on the desired density and type of pigment can fill in more or less oil.

Depending on what color you need a different percentage of linseed oil. (source)
Percentage required:
1. White Zinc: 30%
2. Cadmium Yellow: 40%
3. Yellow Ochre: 60%
4. Naples Yellow: 15%
5. Iron Oxides: 40%
6. Sienna: 200%
7. Ultramarine Blue: 40%
8. Cobalt Blue: 100%
9. Burnt Sienna: 180%
10. Black Ivory: 100%

Mezclar aceite y pigmento

Mix oil and pigment

Finally amasaremos with a spatula (rounded tip for non pierced silver paper) continuously, performing turns slowly to avoid clumping, until a uniform mixture of the pigment with oil.

The result is a mass similar to that we have with the classic paint tubes that is ready to be used.

The process is very simple, although the first attempts may give a mixture with small lumps, Quickly learn how to make these blends with ease.

From the basic colors red, yellow and blue, with white to lighten the color, we can get any color. I also recommend buying black pigments, because it is a color difficult obtaining by mixing the above.

?You want to test? In specialized drugstores you can find the necessary materials. Right now I'm going to start preparing the paint, I want to repaint.

If you want more information about the pigments can check: