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Graphic PIZiadas

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Wallpaper: Christmas 2011 (I) : Tinsel and balls [Imagen 1280×1024]

ESPUMILLON_150A wallpaper made for use in the upcoming Christmas season and decorate your computer.

In this case the image shows a bright tinsel (silver) surrounded by three spheres faceteadas with reflection effect. A composition modeled and rendered with animation software Blender. (See Christmas Tinsel)

A contrasting colored background wherein the central element is highlighted by a flare that produces a highly directional lighting consists of four light spots, reflecting in turn on a sphere surrounding the scene.

The lighting has been resolved emissive sources such "spot" that cast the basic colors (red, green and blue) on the occasion of wallpaper, with a white light that brings global illumination.

Christmas is coming, Have you decided to change your desktop wallpaper? You can find other funds on the page "Wallpapers"The blog.

You can get the Christmas background aquí or "clicking" directly on the image.


Christmas Tinsel

You can download the fichero “.Blend” for the version of Blender 2.59 (rendering time i7 Processor 1 time 34 minutes)