Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Test geometry and technical drawing

testOne way to measure our level of training in a particular subject is to conduct a self-assessment test.

In the case of the teaching of geometry or technical drawing no generalized models for this task.

This page provides a JAVA applet developed by the group of educational innovation VGG UPM shown, that can be used to measure our level in the subjects of graphic expression (Drawing) baccalaureate level or first-year engineering schools.

It is an experimental model that uses a database of educational application Moodle, exported in XML format.


Self Test

When you start the application must select the subject to be evaluated, among those available in the database. The topics are organized by category and presentation is done in tree.

categorias categorias_2

After defining the evaluation topic, we will be selecting different questions to answer.

There are different models of assessment, with true and false answers, numeric or multiple responses.

For example, standardization find parts in technical drawing and we indicate the number of representation that is associated with the object.

test dibujo técnico

Test technical drawing

After indicating the number of our response, validate the action button “OK” and evaluate the system.

Validar respuesta

We can visualize at the top of our level of confidence

Valoración test

Do you try to animate?

To download the tool click the following link:


Unzip it to a directory and abre el fichero TESTApplet.html your browser