Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Cycles : Materials : Textures with images

Caja de maderaOnce activated rendering mode called “Cycles”, as we have seen in the introduction to “Cycles”, we define and assign materials to our objects in Blender.

Let's see how to incorporate an image as a texture to the material to be applied to an object, as shown in the left image in which, on the basic cube shown on the default scene, have used a photograph of two wooden boards simulate a box..

Add an image to the material

Imagen en texturas

Image textures

To add an image texture as we access the associated Surface tab are editing material.

Next to Selected Color in this tab there is a small button that, when pressed, give us access to a set of options to define the properties of color and surface texture to use this material.

Column “Texture” select “Image Texture”.

Incorporar una imagen al material

Incorporating an image material

Selecting this function, tab “Surface” reflect these changes:

Surface con image texture activada

Surface con image texture activada

Clicking on “Open” will access the file browser that will allow us to select the image you wish into accessible formats in Blender.

If you access the node editor we can see the material represented symbolically connectivity diagram similar to that seen for the composer of images.

Editor de nodos

Node editor

To correctly display the image we carry out a UV map associated with the object.



In edit mode (pressing Tab) press the key “You” and select “Unwrap”. Back to object mode and see the texture on the geometry.

Cycles Tutorial

Cycles Tutorial