Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Players of the Spanish

Selección española 2012Spain faces the final of the UEFA EURO 2012 on Kiev Olympic defending the title against Italy, with the intention of getting go down in history as the only team able to get the treble in four years (European championship 2008, World Championship 2010 and the current).

23 top level sports players can get the dream of a country in one of the biggest shows in the world: football.

A commemorative picture of this important meeting with flags bearing the images of our selection and colors.

In this case you can see it in two formats for wallpaper

Players Spanish selection 1280×1024

and double size Players Spanish selection 2560×2048 clicking on the links.

Selección española 2012

Spanish Selection 2012

Player images obtained

Image made with "Blender", rendered with the engine "Cycles"