Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Blender Siggraph 2012 reel

SIGGRAPH 2012Today I have seen published in Blender Nation A reference to “The Process Diary” whose pages Caggegi Paul presents his editorial work with the best pictures, made with Blender, presented in the SIGGRAPH this year (2012).

Quality render these scenes play with the imagination of many of these works. A video 2:30 minutes long with sequences 24 different jobs.

I had the honor and the privilege of editing the Blender 2012 showreel of work for SIGGRAPH this year. I jumped aboard an international team which included Mike Pan, Jonathan Williamson, Reynante Martinez and even Ton himself! Our goal was to take submissions from anyone who felt their work was of high enough standard to show Blender’s capabilities in an eye-catching and impressive way. (Paul Caggegi)