Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Are they a problem politicians?

Grafica políticosInterpreting the graphs allow numerous data sets. They are representations that facilitate data analysis, Application to multiple professional sectors.

Seeking information on the CIS (Centre for Sociological Research) I've run into a data table entitled:
Three major problems that currently exist in Spain (Multiresponse %)

One of the columns of this table is at the cutting edge:

The political class, political parties

Gives information on the perception that the Spanish have over those who govern us, data from May 1985 until July 2012.

Most of the research activities of CIS focuses on surveys of public opinion. These surveys include electoral studies, monthly barometers of public opinion, case studies on different aspects of Spanish society and surveys that result from CIS participation in international projects.(CIS)

By creating the graph with the data in Table I raised a reflection:

If I were a politician, I begin to worry

Grafica ¿Son un problema los políticos para los españoles?

Grafica Are they a problem for Spanish politicians?