Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

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voxelThe world, an inherent continuous, is discretized using equally spaced samples digitally called voxels.

A spatial partition characterized identical volumes with an actual value of the property representative study.

The representation of objects using voxelization techniques necessary to work with large amounts of data, however, can be treated evenly with matrix models.

The image recognition techniques used in medicine generally used these models that are under development.

The voxel (Pixel the Volumetric English) is the cubic unit comprises a three dimensional object. Processable form a minimum of a three-dimensional unit matrix and is, therefore, equivalent pixel in a 3D object.(W)

The following image, generated in Blender the motor Cycles rendering is a free illustration of these basic concepts of digital processing. Clicking on the image format is obtained wallpaper geométrico resolución1280 with x 1024.


A world of voxels

Pixels Vs Voxels