Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Present and immediate future of Blender : Hair and particles

Andy con peloThese days, while working particle system in Blender, my students have raised my disappointment at not being able to render graphics engine with this hair and other applications of the particles.

Now, in version 2.64, you can render to Cycles a particle system changed for elements, as we performed to create the Christmas tinsel.

Similarly hair can attract and convert splines curves first and then in polygonal meshes for a static render, namely, without movement thereof.

These limitations are almost resolved and, as told in Blender Guru, we resolved the (implemented) from version 2.66. The immediate future of Blender, for quality and functionality, Cycles passes. Your current limitations should not scare us as soon your great potential allow us to do what we can now.

I recommend you take a stroll down the page Is it in Blender yet? and by Feature ToDo to see the state of development and the immediate future of Blender.

And remember that if you want to download the latest program review ( daily builds) and test what will be in the next version, you can do it from the pages of Blender: download daily builds