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Graphic PIZiadas

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Ya está disponible la nueva versión de Blender ( 2.66 )

blender-266As every few months, a new version of the most important free modeling and animation software has come to light. Blender 2.66 is available for download on different operating systems on the official pages of the application:

The novelties are many important.


First were fixed over 250 errors (bugs) the previous version.

Nueva imagen de inicio para  Blender 2.66

New to Blender Boot Image 2.66

The rendering engine “Cycles” allows, experimentally, rendering hair or grass (hair manual) and incorporates new media to simulate the lighting of the scene more realistically.

Cycles expands its capabilities

Cycles expands its capabilities



Other notable enhancements affect many aspects of the modeling process, production simulation and:

  • Incorporating simulation of rigid bodies in the editor
  • New features in the process of creating sculptured models
  • Device Support “Retina”
  • New modifiers
  • Improved image transparency modes
  • New nodes
  • ….

A qualitative leap that will comment in detail.

Have you downloaded the latest version?