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Graphic PIZiadas

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Toro [Wallpaper]

toro_thumb2Un wallpaper muy hispano, cut in the shape of a bull.

A silhouette that we see on the roads of Spain, trademark by administrative silence in eliminating advertising on our roads.

Flags Fund alternatives that are identified hobby groups, collective passion. A national icon.

The Osborne bull is a huge silhouette of a bull, approximately 14 meters, Originally conceived as a roadside billboard to promote the Brandy de Jerez Osborne Veteran Group.(in)

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Image made with Blender



Rise, Spain bull: levántate, awake.
Awake at all, bull black foam,
you breathe and exude light shade,
seas and you concentrate on your skin closed.


Awake at all, that you slept veil,
a piece of the chest and one head:
that you have not yet woken awake as a bull
when it is undertaken with wolfish betrayals.


Resopla tu power, displays your skeleton,
flying your forehead with categorical axes,
with both tools to scare the stars,
threatening the sky with antlers tragedy.


Toro toro in the spring more than usual,
more bull in Spain, bull, than elsewhere.
Cooler than ever, most volcanic, bull,
that radiate, you light the fire, yérguete.


Desencadena it Raude heart that guides you
through the streets of Spain, on your astral sand.
A flay come live wolves and eagles
they have always envied your beautiful village.


No you will castrate: you can not fail to arrive
filling up your male attributes
that you want to hand feline arrancártelos
Rennet, impunity: pataléalos, bull.


You are not going to absorb the blood of wealth,
do not snatch mineral eye.
The skin where the star glow picks
not bull will start pouring mercury.


It's like he wanted to tear the skin to sunlight,
the torrent's foam claw and peck.
No you will castrate, power tan male
stone that fertile; in you will castrate.


No bull back: not a step back
if not blood and fury to dig in the sand,
unite all forces, and from the hooves
then pounce decisively ray.


Great bull in bronze and stone has sucked,
and the fierce granite paciste fierceness:
revuélvete in the soul of everyone who has seen
first light on this peninsula outraged.


In two pieces, this bull centuries,
this bull dwells within us:
split into two halves, with a kill
and the other half die fighting.


From the angry head strengthens the world,
neck as a block up Titans,
sprout a bellow the victory width
it will bleed to sound like marble and sand.


Wake, bull: wields, triggers, víbrate.
Lift, bull: truena, bull, abalánzate.
Atorbellínate, bull: revuélvete.
Sálvate, dense torus of emotion and Spain.


Miguel Hernández

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