Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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2015 the year we can @ahorapodemos

Screenshot 2014-12-20 to(s) 13.13.32One of the most important social phenomena of this year has been the creation, and rise, a new political party that has attracted the support of an important social mass:

We can

The logo of this political formation three rings or circles of small thickness that represent the idea form of “circles citizens” as a structural basis in the flow of ideas citizen your direction.

With only nine months of life, the party led by Pablo Iglesias has catalyzed the discomfort, the anger and indignation of hundreds of thousands of citizens. They deny the PP and the PSOE and not found in Izquierda Unida or UPyD balm for her discomfort as much as these have made it nearly impossible to sink to bipartisanship. (THE COUNTRY)

Support in the European elections of 2014 and expectations of vote of CIS surveys October with the forecast for the elections of 2015 they make this year in an interesting political year in Spain.

? 2015 It may be the year of “We can”?, Ya se habla del año del cambio de modelo político en España con la ruptura del bipartidismo.,,,

Our commemorative image of this year reflects the possible rise in the next year.