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“ForYou” Una animación que explora “Grease Pencil” del próximo Blender 2.73

Grease PencilAcaba de salir la versión 2.72b de Blender y ya estamos empezando a ver lo que nos traerá la 2.73.

“Grease Pencil” es una herramienta que permite realizar anotaciones y líneas auxiliares en Blender, que ahora puede convertirse en una nueva forma de realizar animaciones basadas en dibujos animados.

De la mano de Daniel M Lara (Pepeland) We can see a beautiful preview of what holds us to the creativity of the developers of this free software, incorporating more and more resources for the development of 3D animations.

From the pages of Daniel we can download the Blender file with animation you can see on this page, Although a beta in development you need to play with the functionality implemented in “grease Pencil”

1-Download an updated version of Blender
2- The blend file:

And at the end of the video I encourage you to take a stroll through its pages “” in which you will find magnificent works of animation, some of which we have already presented in this blog, eg “Changes“.


“ForYou” two versions different and Blender 3D scene overview by Daniel M. Lara (pepeland) from PSL on Vimeo.

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