Laberinto Garfield

Where is the pumpkin?

nitiate: Back to square one

Front: front progresses

decha: Enter the door on the right

Left: Enter the door on the left

ago: back

Turn: Rotates left or right room

Entar the labyrinth

Images downloaded from aquí

About joju

José Juan Aliaga Maraver
Professor, Department of Aerospace Vehicles (DVA) Polytechnic University of Madrid.
Has been Deputy Director of the Dept.. DVA for 10 years old(Acting Director 9 months)
Coordinator of the group's educational innovation Visual Graphics Group (VGG) since inception.
He is coordinator of testing Drafting of PAUs (Selectivity) Madrid.
Collaborating URJC and Biotechnology Centre UPM
Coordinator of the Master courses in drawing teacher training UPM.