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Graphic PIZiadas

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Cyprus and the Euro [ Imagen ]

A new image, made with Blender, which associates economic problems of the eurozone countries like Cyprus, in the dark background of the global economy.

A news, Cypriot playard, that does nothing to call ghosts we all have, debate rescuing the euro's survival.
The legal uncertainty of these events in contrast to our criticisms of the nationalization of enterprises in third countries. Payment of the economic excesses imposed on the population in a dark suit political and social interests.

Today is Cyprus, a small country … Tomorrow?

Euro fractura [ Wallpaper ]


The global crisis and, en particular, European crisis can destroy the effort of building a model of society.
The fragility of the euro as a bonding of the countries that have adopted the euro in the process of creating a macro state shakes Europeist effort of several generations.

España – Italy [ Wallpaper ] Final UEFA EURO 2012


Image commemorative final match UEFA EURO 2012 between teams of Spain and Italy. The best football team of all time has delighted us with his play in a game of making history (4-0 and triplet) Congratulations Spain !!! Imagen en formato Wallpaper 1280 x 1024 (pulsar en… (leer más)

Euro pa … [ Imagen ]


An image synthesis represents a fragile euro with its shadow over Europe.
An image that highlights the complex situation that is called “single currency”.

A simple exercise of modeling and rendering with Blender, you can see on resolution wallpaper 1280×1024 pressing on the center image.