Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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An image generated in Blender with Cycles render engine, the predominant material “Glossy SDF” can play highly reflective surfaces.
A geometric composition with basic colors can observe the behavior of light when mixed (aditivamente) on the surfaces of the scene.

Cycles : Shaders : Glossy [ Blender ]


The lighting of a scene primarily used diffusion and reflection effects.

We have seen the basic shader using Cycles, called "diffuse", which is based on the model of Lambert or Oren-Nayar, based on the value that is used for the parameter "Roughness" ( 0 = Lambertian). This calculation model simulates the dispersion or diffusion of light on the material, but does not consider the effects of specular reflection that are associated with the model called “Glossy”.