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Wallpaper: Christmas (IV) [Imagen 1280×1024]


Christmas Bells for a new fund that we can use this Christmas. A new image synthesis created with Blender.

The Christmas ornaments for trees are beginning to make in the eighteenth century by glassblowers. The bells, for Christians, serve as a reminder of prayer and meditation induce (see more on ornaments)

Wallpaper: Christmas (III) [Imagen 1280×1024]

Third installment of the series “Wallpapers” with Christmas, in a format that allows complete our comprehensive desktop PC ( resolution 1280 x 1024 ). A new synthetic image rendered with lifelike visual blender. In this case, by the classic silver tinsel with a high level of reflection, se incorporan… (leer más)

Wallpaper: Christmas (II) [Imagen 1280×1024]

A new wallpaper themed christmas to start preparing our area before the arrival of the Christmas season. Una imagen de síntesis que recrea dos tipos diferentes del espumillón que utilizamos en árboles y nacimientos para aportar ese color brillante con mil reflejos que destaca al iluminarlo con luces de colores. A “Wallpaper”… (leer más)

Wallpaper: Christmas (I) [Imagen 1280×1024]

We started a new series to facilitate different Christmas decorations for our blog and to the PC, that we can use in the upcoming winter holidays. Synthetic images that more, open a hole in a world between painting and photography, between the conception and the timing. En esta… (leer más)