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Graphic PIZiadas

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This afternoon my son has given me a reason and I asked him to write me.

Everything started when I asked

Do you think it is easier to design a supersonic plane that a thermos?.

Os dejo su disertación.


Esta mañana, enjoying a dynamic and exciting class of thermodynamics- for who has not grasped the irony will warn that it was unbearable-, I have started to wander about the wonders of the technique with the result that I detail below.

When one designs a plane has to take into account many factors such as speed, the forces (viscous and pressure) that about it it affect, transmission of temperature between aircraft and outside… in order to, like my class, the calculation of this is dynamic and exciting. Sin embargo, happens that at high speeds, viscous forces, that are of considerably greater difficulty of formulation, You can despise, and also transmission temperature, This is the heat, between the aircraft and its environment.

Let us now in the case of a coffee thermos. The thermos is not going at high speeds, so viscous forces impinging on it may not despise. Although generally considered that the water heater is insulated, We can not ignore the fact that inside coffee just chilling if we let it rest, is for this reason that the transmission of heat from the water heater with the outside are not negligible.

Already started to warn that a thermos is more complicated than we usually think and that, When it comes to manufacture an aircraft, not everything is measured up to mm.

Well, give it a twist thread more to our comparison. The aircraft, While flies, is closed to cal and singing, so that passengers cannot enter or leave, but the Thermo suffers use coffee requires. Open it again and again until this wonderful drink that avoids that we drag in the morning, Some even coffee keeps the enjoyment of the worm, It's over. We find that our aircraft (supersonic, lest we forget) is a closed system rather simplote, While the thermos of coffee has taken on a new and complex dimension.

Here is the reason why a thermos of coffee design is much more complicated to do the same with a plane. And if they don't believe it tell me who wins more an engineer or a Swedish designer of fashion terms?