Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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MovieMaker and duration of a still image.

With MovieMaker can perform a sequence we present our photos automatically (in the form of video al we can add music to comments).

By default, the duration of each image is 5 seconds, but you can change this interval to speed them up or slow presentation cadence. This is especially useful when we want to make a video from images chained, namely, a sequence taken as a “burst” photos or computer-generated.

To change the time parameter that governs the display time we can access the menu “Tools”, and within this to “Options”

It appears a new window with three tabs. Selecting “Advanced” we see that we can modify “Picture duration” and assign a new value. The minimum value is 0,125 seconds, namely, 125 milliseconds.

After changing this parameter, each time we add a new image to the edit line, it will be incorporated with the pre-established duration.

Although it is possible to change the duration in the edit line, this option is not recommended if you want to include a large number of pictures or stills, being more convenient and faster procedure.

Como ejemplo, I have made a little video of seismic activity comprising 99 imagery, one for every day. Was selected last half a second per image.