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Graphic PIZiadas

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What is a Lattice animation?

A “Lattice” a volume control is used in animation image synthesis can be used to controllably deform or complex surface geometry; if we eliminate the lattice geometry returns to its original shape.

A Lattice is essentially a simple container that can be used to deform and manipulate a more complex mesh in a non-destructive manner (ie. A lattice can be used to seriously deform a mesh then, if the lattice is later removed, the mesh can automatically return to its original shape). (wikibooks)

The lattice controls the vertices of a mesh through their association into a dialog box. Deforming the control element results in a deformation of the mesh.

The figure shows a spherical surface and a volume (cube) which acts as a volume control.

Each vertex of the area is associated with the nearest vertex of the lattice.

Deform the volume control, proportionally trailing mesh elements which are nearest. Farthest elements are also influenced to a lesser extent.

A metaphorical example can help us understand the effect of lattice.

If we think of the vertices of the lattice as if it were strong magnets or “attractors” that “throw” the mesh vertices, that we are closer to each vertex will be attracted much more strongly than those that are further away.

By the time we removed the lattice disappears “force field” and grid points back into place resiliently.

This deformation technique can be used to model objects to retain the shape of the time lolargo, or to perform a dynamic deformations. You can move both the lattice and the object to get the effect of deformation-animation, since what matters are the relative positions between the mesh and the lattice.

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