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Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Animation, Files: Save images with textures [Blogs experimental][ Blender ]

Cuando Guards a file Hemos as seen in it Blender tutorial that CONTIENER textures formed with images, stored the geometry and the structure of data you keep it but them images.

Instead of storing the texture and the image that it defines, stored the structure rationale and the different images are sustituyen sus absolute address for the relative.

If we share a model designed Hemos, we provide in these cases a Complex filesystem besides it classic tiene la extension “.Blend”.

You need to. in these cases, rebuild the directory structure of complete file to open it in otro computer.

Heme seen how they keep it files (Save the scene) generally, without entering the modifiers that affect this functionality. One alternative is “package” file in the same geometry with external data.

For the file is only, before saving option is to activate the “Blend Package in the file” External data.

If we look at the tab “Image” in which we have defined as a picture as texture, we will see that an option is selected that indicates that the image “packaged” the file “Blend”.

We can act on the corresponding icon to delete the “packaging” of one or more images, or in the case of working with a file that contains images, serve to extract.

The result is a file more convenient to manage, but its size is increased noticeably. Figure that heads this article is a cube with an avatar, which normally use twitter. The avatar image has a size of 15 K, so that if we store the geometry (Cube) on which we have applied the texture will have a size of 141 K, while if we package the image in the same file occupying increase 156 K.

The account is clear, sizes are added in simplified shipping and portability Our design.

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