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Growing is Forever [Video]

Bosque The International Year of Forests It is a great source of inspiration for the various arts.

Kallie Markle writes an open letter has become a delightful video on forests entitled Growing is Forever of Jesse Rosten in Vimeo.

The original letter can be found on the Blog of Kallie. Video After I leave my son a translation of Hugo Aguilar Aliaga trying to keep the mystical meaning of the lyrics. Enjoy it, as I have enjoyed.

Long ago, there were forests groves because it was a grove forest roadless dividirlasy for anyone to erect stones, fences and bridges.

Trees esan very, very young and had a whole life ahead. The enormity of their future loomed in wooly mists around, and spread their roots and wrapped around them, interlacing and holding them strong.

Ferns found gaps between the roots where they can nest and moss spread it on the ground and everything went very smooth. The trees grew and created patterns of light and dark shadow on the ground and vines swirled following the patterns.

Speckled spiders moved in front and back, manufacturing networks up and down to catch the fog, and fog remained as drops in networks that transformed light.

There was always a lot of silence because the trees need it to focus on their lives. It is easy to grow much for so long. Some trees grew tired and they lay on the soft floor, others leaned and rested their tops International.

Always is growing, susurraban, and when a tree had to stop, another grew more to reach high into the sky and golden grayish.

Trees rested and waited for the fog to cool them come.

Were very large but not very old and they still had much more to grow.

Written by Kallie Markle –

original letter

I have a deep affection for the Redwood forests of Northern California. This is my best attempt to capture the reverence I feel when in the presence of these giants. / Jesse Rosten

Music: Window – Album Leaf

2011 año internacional de los bosques

2011 international year of forests