Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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No Smoking

cigarroFrom today Spain has one of the laws of the world's most restrictive snuff, and not just “more advanced” as we want to sell to citizens.

I will not defend the use of snuff or underestimate the damage that occurs in health, nor occur to me to do the same with alcohol.

The only thought I want to do revolves around education. The higher the culture of a country and its level of social, should be less restrictions or prohibitions that states enact “in our defense”

Proper training in respect, and learn to live in a modern society, should be sufficient for us to make a proper use of our individual liberties without restricting virtually no aspect of our lives.

It is also true that abuses arrangements bring.

Today we hung the sign of “No Smoking” in Spain.

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The first smoke-free year
Antique snuff Advertising
Keys to new smoking ban that takes effect from this Sunday 2 January

Law 42/2010