Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Social Collider: Visualization of interactions on Twitter

Social Collider is a collaborative project with Sascha Pohflepp, an application written in JavaScript to allow for display represent the crossover effect that occurs between conversations on the social network Twitter.

Social Collider acts as a metaphorical instrument which can be used to view as they are created and propagate memes.

The representation of social interactions between users, the effect of a given word and its dissemination in a live network is subject to complex sociological. The effect of a thought or “same” short time can impact on any geographical latitude, forming a system comparable to neuronal tissue.

The interpreting the graphs can be as complex as those produced by modern particle colliders. The vertical lines indicate no effect, while the vertical and spirals denote great media impact.

You can expand information Project (English) aquí and aquí and application . I recommend it.

Como ejemplo, I entered my nick of Twitter @ Piziadas and have restricted the search to tweets generated today. It is still amazing to see how spread from one to another user in a short space of time (click on image to enlarge).

When you move the mouse over each tweet (Figure points) will open a box with the text of the.

You can make different kinds of search (users, tags) and define the interval (day, week, month) that there have been tweets.

As a further example, I present the capture I made one day with tag #letrasenelsahara, in which time is displayed during a high activity around a poetry marathon.

At the bottom indicates the user name, whose tweets are grouped in each column. On the left is a time scale.

Do you want to test the application? Want to see a graph of your impact on Twitter?