Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Short animation: Twisted Whiskers

A series of short animations featuring personality are a resource of "filler" used in many commercial television.

Estos cortos de una duración inferior al minuto servían de caretas de cambio de programación, completing the blocks assigned to each time slot.

A touch of Humor !

The script in these cases dominates the spectacular image. The scenarios are simple but contain enough elements that define the performance space, carefully chosen objects with strong symbolism.

Open the "River Dance" series with one of my favorite characters.

Technically by the movement of the character, the only necessary effect is a small particle system that appears to move your feet. The music rhythm guide the situation "Dada" character in that very personal dance, in that scenario as "personal".

Twisted Whiskers River Dance

Each episode may incorporate one or two characters in general. There is no time in half a minute to much. Plans oy means to capture close-ups expressions or gestures distortion as element of humor. Unfinished situations unbelievable and sometimes, already closed the viewer.

Twisted Whiskers Balloon Dog

Short play the dismissal without giving concessions to the viewer. The surprise, the paradox is normalized with a strong personal drama with a great complicity involving the sharing screen. Directed gestures and expressions in which the viewer becomes an actor.

Twisted Whiskers Toilet Kitty

The whole sets to characters and their social relationships. Parody part people and humorously shows as sadistic as each.

Twisted Whiskers Get Jiggy With It

Even playing with the humanization of the character contrasting with its animal component, a calculated ambiguity.

Or this one:

Twisted Whiskers Ruff Road


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