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Graphic PIZiadas

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Spanish Reverence for the people of Japan

reverenciaToday I saw a human initiative blog that I found extraordinary, a tribute to the Japanese people in video form, with an action of their own culture: A bow.

The great symbolic This action, I will surprised, is by its beauty, because it is one of the most important symbols of respect in Japanese culture.

A reverence is an action in which a person leans his body or any part thereof in respectful salute or worship.

Often, a bow is not more than a quick tilt of the head but can also consist of a depth from the waist inclination or a genuflection (For women). The situations in which a person bows vary greatly between cultures. (in)

A morphing between the photographs FotoMorph as homenaje particular.

The dejo the information contained in the blog that has been opened to carry out this initiative, in which I will participate by giving dissemination and providing my own reverence. I encourage you to be part of it with an image to be added to the many that are already providing.

Goloviarte organizes the following action. This blog has been created in order to make a tribute to all victims and survivors of the earthquake in Japan and there is no better way for it to join with respect to pain, and so, propose to send us a photo with a bow made by you. With the photos will make a video that will post on you tube and then offer a dvd to the Japanese Embassy in Spain to complete the action. You can also send small texts on Japan to add to videos.

It is a tribute to men and women who overcome the pain with dignity and looking to the future.

Thank you for participating

The pictures must be sent to reference “Japón”

?Feel like part of the initiative?