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Graphic PIZiadas

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El Tangram [School]

Among the experiences of using educational blogs we do with our students, I was struck by the number of items that have been included in those aspects “recreational” have been developed with great frequency elements.

The geometry is present in all of them and is a motivating way to approach your knowledge. In this case the group “Able Arc” presents a classic puzzle consisting of elementary steps.

I leave your input, originally published in blog.

Capable Arc

The Tangram is an old popular game, from China, and comprises seven pieces, called "tans" that are:

  • A square
  • Two large triangles
  • A medium triangle
  • Two small triangles
  • Parallelogram

These seven pieces are the result of dividing a square into seven parts, and with them you can make thousands of figures with different characteristics, whether animal, personas, objects, abstract figures ...
Despite being a game, in practice, use in children's games facilitates the stimulation of different skills such as spatial orientation, spatial logical reasoning, visual and motor coordination, etc.. This is, in the end, a game designed to develop geometric-descriptive capabilities. Thus, educators and psychologists often use to encourage children in full swing since allows so playful flirting concrete manipulation of materials with the formation of abstract ideas.


Article I add a tab with different combinations (why people) that can be done with these pieces, obtained in this blog where you can get more information about this exciting educational pastime.