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Graphic PIZiadas

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Graphical Programming: Start a Eclipse project [JAVA]

Logo de EclipseWe have seen a first graphical application in Java (DrawWorld) to view an applet basic taxonomy, and we have installed a development environment based on Eclipse, it is necessary to Install the Android SDK, unless it is necessary for the set of libraries momendo Android.

We also have a minimum code to draw recursive fractals: (Sierpinski Triangle) but we have not yet addressed in these pages how to start the project in Eclipse.

In this article I will gather all the pieces to run our first program in JAVA; later, will use this language as a basis for programming in Android devices.

Eclipse will start the application and indicate the workspace (folder that will store our projects).

In the home screen select “Workbench” ulsando on the arrow icon to go to system application windows.


Home Screen Eclipse IDE

System will enter the application viewers that must be empty if this is the first time we used.


Eclipse Workbench

See the top menu set, alphanumeric both formed by graphic icons.


Eclipse Menus

On the left side you will see an empty window is the one that contains our projects and files associated therewith.

Visor de proyectos y paquetes

Viewer projects and packages

Start a new project

There are two ways to start a new project: Alphanumeric menu and icons.

From the menu select alphanumeric New->Java Project


Add Project JAVA

From the set of icons representing select the folder with the symbol “+” and in the submenu indicate again “Java Project”. Note that the menus to define different types of project, among which are those of Android.

Añadir proyecto JAVA desde iconos

Add Project JAVA from icons

We see a new window in which we give the name of the project. We may also set your location and other parameters that will be subsequently.

For now just give a name to the project to see the process globally.


Dialog for new projects JAVA

Enter the name of the project, leaving the other fields with their default values.


Enter the name of the project

Finish creating the project by clicking the button “Finish” found in the emerging vetana in which we introduced the project name.

Finalizar creación del proyecto

Finish creating the project

In the project viewer changes will be reflected, showing a new folder with the name of our new project.


Projects First Project Viewer

If we expand the tree by clicking on the triangle next to the icon of the new project will see the file structure that was generated.


Expanded based Project

We will see that it has created a folder named “src” in which later incorporate our files JAVA code, and have also featured references to a set of files needed to run the application.

We now have a structure to start programming, the next step will be to create our first program.

Graphical Programming: Add a program to an Eclipse project [JAVA]


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