Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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What is a vortex?

vórtice toroidalBy defining some terms we tempted to use or look difficult concepts simple models that bring us closer to the idea.

A term commonly used in different disciplines of physics is “vortex“.

Your definition may be complex or very simple when illustrated with some natural images, like a dolphin playing with them in the sea or in a simple pool.

When we look for the definition we find some like that gives for vortex:


  1. m. Whirlwind, swirl.
  2. A cyclone center.

We also found other definitions a bit more elaborate as that offered by wikipedia, with a certain rigor, approaches and to abstract mathematics that underlies the term, maintaining some informative approach.

A vortex is rotating turbulent flow spiral closed current paths. Vortex can be considered as any kind of circular or rotary flow having vorticity. Vorticity is a mathematical concept used in fluid dynamics that can be related to the amount of movement or rotation of a fluid. Vorticity is defined as the flow per unit area at a point of flow.(W)

A visual approach of this concept is found in the game about dolphins, on effects of nature (volcanoes) and other human actions such as those illustrated in this great video.


His study is especially important aeronautical, which are created as a result of the aerodynamic forces that occur in aircraft, dangerous generating turbulence in airport environments that can threaten the stability of other aircraft.

Other examples may be found in emptying containers with liquids, atmospheric phenomena, etc.. You can search the net interesting videos that illustrate this concept.