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The Lady and the Reaper [ video ] [ Animation ]

La_Dama_y_la_muerteThe Lady and the Reaper is a computer animated short that death is a humorous.

An old woman who wants to join her deceased husband is in the midst of a dispute between the natural order and the advancement of medicine. Produced by Antonio Banderas (inter alia) fué al nominated for Oscar 2010, Goya winning that year for best animated short film

The Lady and the Reaper is an animated short film in stereoscopic 3D, the first made with this technique in Spain, produced by the company from Granada Kandor Moony the company Green Moon Malaga Spain; and directed by Javier Recio. He was nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Short, becoming the first Spanish animated production to get it, 1 2 but ultimately the statuette went to Logorama by Nicolas Schmerkin.(W)

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