Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Pieza dibujo técnico 3d 45
Pieza dibujo técnico 3d 45

A new exercise that allows us to practice the standard representation of a mechanical part in 3D.

In this case the element is of revolution and has a central groove prevents rotation (force or severally) by a key

Key is called a piece of square or rectangular section which is inserted between two elements that must be integral with each other to prevent any slippage of one piece over the other. The hole that is machined mating parts to insert the keys is called key-. (W)

The main plane of symmetry can be used to identify a section which enables seeing the inside of the piece.

A false despondency in view would define the circular forms and distribution, similar to a plant.

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Will we need a plant? And a profile?

Such mechanisms have inserted a cotter, are shafts of electric motors and pulley bearing coupled, gears are inserted nuts also carry a pin shaft fixed to them where they mate.

Representing the views needed to define the object, dimensioning according to standards

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