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Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Reconstruction of Flight 1549 de US Airways: Splashdown in the Hudson River


The Flight 1549 U.S. Airways has gone down in history for having amerizado aviation in the Hudson River without loss of life. A flock of birds fire their engines a few minutes after takeoff, in rapid ascent of the apparatus.

The skill of the pilot can be seen in this 3D reconstruction to which have been added the original audio channels.

The Flight 1549 U.S. Airways was a flight that took off 15 January 2009 LaGuardia Airport in New York to Charlotte International Airport, in Charlotte (Carolina del Norte); then go to the International Airport Seattle-Tacoma, The Airbus A320 in SeaTac.2 splashed down in the Hudson River. According to television reports of different chains, all passengers were rescued.
The flight crew 1549 was awarded the Master's Medal of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. The justification for the award read This forced landing and evacuation, without loss of life, was an heroic achievement unique in the history of aviation. It has been described as “the most successful splashdown aviation history”.(W)