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Graphic PIZiadas

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Batelco – INFINITY : Special effects [ video ]

infinityINFINITY is a short three-minute high-quality special effects done by Alex & Steffen.

The Facebook page has had great success with more than 250.000 followers.

Words fail to describe the technical quality and imagination employed in this fantastic example of applied creativity.

Agency: FP7/BAH
Director: Alex & Steffen
DoP: Simon Coull
Production: City Films Production, Beirut
Executive Producer: Marc Hadife
Producer: Joyce Hadife
in collaboration with Spy Films, Toronto
Executive Producer: Carlo Trulli
Producer: Peter Oad
Post: Unexpected GmbH, Stuttgart
VFX Supervisor: Alex & Steffen
Lead 3D Artists: Sebastian Badea, Jörg Haeberle, Harun Celebi, To find Alexander, Marcel Kühn, Stefan Kleindienst, Johannes Wünsch, Tobias grains
Lead 2D Artists: Claus Rudolph, Steffen Hacker
Music by: AOC Paris
Batelco Executive Marketing Manager: Abdulla Abu Idrees
Batelco Marketing Campaign Manager: Mohammed Dashti


And if you've been wanting to see, You can recreate the making-of or visit the website of the authors you have below.

Batelco “Infinity” | Agency: FP7, Bahrain | Production: City Films, Beirut – Spy Films, Toronto | 2010, Bahrain

All visual effects created by Unexpected GmbH, Stuttgart (

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