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Graphic PIZiadas

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El Cielo de Canarias / Canary sky – Tenerife [ Timelapse ]

canarias“El Cielo de Canarias” is a beautiful timelapse video with scenes taken over Tenerife 2.000 meters, showing some scenarios of this volcanic island.

Created and produced by Daniel Lopez.

Daniel Lopez is a photographer and astrophotographer who lives in Tenerife. Work photography and video making, specializing in evening using many techniques, from camera tripod grasp heaven and earth in the same photo, amateur telescopes to take pictures of astronomical objects to professional telescopes to capture details and high resolution. It also performs and produces videos about nature, landscapes and interesting places in the draw is always something new and take another different view and “magic”.

Some scenes Video:

– “The Cathedral” in plain Ucanca, night shot with the planet Jupiter across the scene.
– The Stone Tree (Roque strap) with Tajinaste pointing to the North Star.
– Tajinastes “night”, The Red Tajinaste, endemism Canario blooming in spring.
– The “Bonnet” on the Teide. Formation of a cloud known as cap at the peak of Teide.
– “Waterfalls of clouds” through the mountains and rivers of multicolored clouds.
– Sea of ​​clouds crashing against the mountains like the sea did.
– Big puddle of water in the Ucanca plain and lenticular clouds where stars are reflected.
– Tajinastes night with the Milky Way rising in the horizon taken with a rail dolly.
– Video of the Sun setting and a double “Green Ray”.
– Pleiades and the Andromeda galaxy between rocks in the mines of San Jose.
– Scenes spectacular sunset in the Teide National Park with clouds and moving dolly.
– ArcoIris from the Parque Nacional del Teide.
– Multicolor Halos around the moon.
– Clouds remain stationary hours in the same place seen as change their colors at sunset.