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Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Animation, Use a background image [ Blogs experimental ] [ Blender ]

felicia_model_sheet_by_HecM_by_FeliciaClubWhen modeling an object or character in Blender, may be desirable use a background image to guide us in the editing process of the surfaces that form our 3D model. This image can make template function for approximating the polygons that form the surface of the model.

Normally we use a pair of images, which can be a front and a side view, situate on the view that “Front” and “Right” or “Left” 3D windows in the application.

To use one or more background images we display menu in each window opens 3D on the right side by pressing the key “N”


Activation of the background image

Once activated the option to see a background image, were deployed new options that will allow us to define the image file that contains it and other options to determine the view you are represented and their position in it.

We will activate the rectangular icon next to the text “Background images“.
Next to this icon is a small arrow to display the corresponding menu.

A new arrow (marked with a yellow circle in the picture) opens the possibility of deploying the other functions that allow us to complete the activation process of this functionality.

This detail can be lost and difficult to access this helps interesting design option

Then indicate whether it is an image or video what we want to use background, and we can open the file with the button corresponding “Open”.

The display can be limited to a single view, or be present at all. Normally what we do is load two different images and assign each one to a view or, if the image contains the two images, twice the charge.

After loading the image or video clip and open new options for modifying parameters visualization and image position, the transparency of this, its size and displacement “x” or “and” in the window.

The result can be seen in the following example in which the editing is started leaning on the surface this Visual.

Dos imágenes de fondo en diferentes ventanas

Two background images in different windows

There are different repositories with images of this type (Two views) that can serve to test this functionality so interesting, as for example where you can find different items classified by topics, as cars, aircraft etc..

avion en vistas

Different views of a plane

To comic or manga type characters trying to put google advanced search “model sheet” “modelsheet” or “character sheet”, that are several ways to call design sheets cartoon characters,(front and profile views, facial expressions and other references for the team of designers can draw the character correctly).

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