Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Cinematic Timelapse

blendtutsTimelapse technique has been used conventionally in nature images or any other type of reality capture (vehicle movement, personas, etc.). Una aplicación novedosa de este sistema de reproducción acelerada de imágenes puede permitirnos visualizar una compleja y larga secuencia de creación de imagen de síntesis.

Oliver Villar offers in its pages a set of tutorials about Blender, and in them we can also see videos that use this technique to illustrate the creative process of a synthesis model editing.

Un time lapse es una técnica fotográfica que consiste en la captación de imágenes fijas que después son reproducidas a una velocidad mayor a la que fueron tomadas. Esta técnica crea entonces una ilusión de imágenes aceleradas.(W)

The following video shows the process, in a way, accelerated through a timelapse, the process of editing a bust. A complex graphic work reduced to a sequence of a couple of minutes.

Alien Face – Cinematic Timelapse from Oliver Villar Diz on Vimeo.

Technique that has been used consists of generating a new display screen that shows the animated rendering of what you are editing. This a simple screenshot serves to mount these interesting videos.

Oliver Villar shares his way to generate these simple but effective animations with a clear explanation in video. (English). It is worth to see how.