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Big Catch [ Animation ]

Big catchWhen a fisherman decides to relax on the dock, can not imagine that will make capturing your life.

This simple argument, undoubtedly reflecting the wishes of any fisherman, serve this nice thread in computer animation short.

Made with “Maya” and “Renderman/Mental Ray”, is another example where we highlighted the strength of a simple script in a fun production.

mental ray is a rendering engine, developed Mental images and Berlin (Germany). It is one of the few engines developed in Europe that compete with those developed in the U.S. or Canada. Its direct competition is Renderman. Mental ray is integrated in most professional 3D packages:(W)

For you animation buffs out there, the modelling and animation tasks were all done in Maya. The rendering was done using Renderman/Mental Ray and for the effects like the water dripping off the shark (a very good effect too, water is hard to do!) there were some specially made scripts by film maker Moles Merlo who lives in Paris. Shake was used for the Compositing.

Watch this one to the end – you will, we can almost guarantee you’ll love this (and yes, it is more than suitable for children and work throughout). ~webphemera

// 3D : Maya
// Compositing : Shake
// Music : Baptiste Thiry
// Shark voice : Rachel Chapiteau

THE BIG CATCH (2010) 04:16 | Animation – Comedy
Produced Independently by Imarges Studios & Moles Merlo.

CREDITS: Directtion, CG Animation, Sound Design by Moles Merlo. Music by Baptiste Thiry. Shark Voice Scream by Rachel Chapiteau. Additional Support by Nicolas Cheutin, Consider Nicolas, Shim Yamagutchi.
Software used for animation & 3D – Autodesk Maya and Shake for compositing.

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