Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Andy (Android) in the office with a Mac

Android_MacCan you imagine Google employees using an iphone? What the Apple with Nexus?

Pass, pueder spend; and certainly would be news to locate a picture of this event.

This is the idea, computer format instead of mobile, Nikolay has developed Dragoev to perform his new work in Blender for animation course. In previous installments had worked the character, Andy (mascota of Android) and couple. Now we consider the need for an environment in which to move, as its home, the beach, work ….

Nikolay tells us his idea:

Considering a scenario, elaboré las “offices” of Google Android and thus working. I wanted to represent a comic ANDY situation where our character is in his office and surprise, surprise… iMac uses a. As you know Apple claimed Samsung of plagiarism and that they used their mobile phones ANDROID. Andy wants to find that iOS is going so well.

Image of Andy (Android) wallpaper is in high definition format (1918 × 1080) pulsando con el ratón.

Andy (Android) usando un Mac

Andy (Android) using a Mac

Course work 2012